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Better Results. Fast.

High Value Marketing helps high tech companies of all sizes get better results from their marketing and sales efforts.

We help in several areas, depending on what our clients need:

Sometimes our clients need a quick-hit resource on a specific project, and need someone talented, reliable and smart to get it done. Examples include copy for a website update, recruiting new partners to participate in a specific lead-generation program, working with customers to create success stories, or providing project management coordination for a new product rollout that involves a lot of deliverables from people throughout the company.

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Sometimes our clients need additional experienced resource to grow a new alliance with another company to achieve specific goals. This includes managing the strategic goals of the alliance as well as the low level execution plans, where the rubber hits the road.

Partners need a responsive "go-to" person who can help make things happen, remove roadblocks, and understand the nuances of the relationship between the companies.

This role also involves creating and managing the specific tactical plan by which the partners will achieve their goals. Will it be a joint lead-generation campaign? A technology share in an R&D project? By having one person shepherd these efforts, they are much more likely to succeed and produce the desired results.

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If your products or services are sold through 3rd parties, we can help create low-maintenance programs that support your channel partners. Examples include getting a partner website up and running quickly, and quickly populating it with a library of resources the partners need in order to sell effectively; managing a Market Development Fund (MDF) program across a pool of partners; creating, hosting and archiving educational webinars for partners; and creating and executing a comprehensive communication plan including EDMs (electronic direct mails) that allow us to track how many people open them and which links they click (giving us feedback about their interest level on various topics).

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Is your sales cycle as fast as it could be?

It's a very good idea to continually take an objective look at how the marketing efforts are aligning with the sales cycle. Being crystal clear on the sales process, the key players, their hot buttons, the required messaging is very important-- and those elements shift over time so the marketing has to shift too.

We have both sales and marketing experience so we can help here.

We can help you create clear compelling differentiators and messages that appeal to the executives in your sales cycle, and then create a marketing plan that thoroughly supports the sales cycle whether your sales force is online, direct, or indirect.

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We can help.

We have experience in

  • enterprise software,
  • analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing
  • telecom,
  • network infrastructure software,
  • financial services,
  • commercial construction and engineering (AEC and EPC),
  • CRM and call centers
  • commercial and residential real estate and investing
  • software lifecycle management



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